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Wireless charging, the future? Or a simple gimmick?

Wireless charging, the future? Or a simple gimmick?

We all know how hard it might be to charge our device using a cable and a charger. Majority of cables are really gentle and can break easily. Not only that but we can loose the charger itself if we are in a rush, or we are very tired.

Buying a new cable or charger is not a huge deal, but it might become quite anoying. The perfect solution for many of us is wireless charging.

This new method of putting energy in to our device, looks and is very easy and cool.

There are two things that we need to enjoy wireless charging. First and the most important is a charging mat. Yes you heard correctly a charging mat, not a charger but a mat. Second is a cable that connects the charging mat to our socket.

That is all, so isn't it the same as a regular charger? Well yes and no. The charging mat stays in one place and we can charge the phone, simply by putting the device on it. We don't connect the device itself, but we let it rest and relax to get its energy back.

How does it work?

Well it ain't as hard to understand as you may think.

Special wireless charging pad transfers energy to your device using electromagnetic induction known as “inductive coupling” which fills your phone with energy. The great part is that wireless charging doesn't change anything in your device, you can still use traditional chargers as well.

However not everything is perfect. The first big downside of this charging method is that it is slower than the one with a cable. Sometimes it might take from 20 to 80% longer for charging mat to charge your device, than the cable charger. Another thing is that wireless charger cost from $20 to $100 depending on size of the mat, which is not affordable for everyone.

To sum up everything that we said.

Wireless charging is the future if you want it or not. The chargers are getting bigger and better each year. Is it a necessity? No, not right now. But it might be in the future, so why not try it already? It is something new, something cool and it will make your life a lot easier.