USA carriers blacklist check


USA carriers blacklist check

Service allows you to Check Blacklist status for phones working in USA carrier. If you don't know if your phone blacklist status is "Clean" or "lost or stolen" just check it by IMEI. Type your device IMEI number and check if it's blacklisted in USA.

Before you purchase an iPhone, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry or any other phone from somebody else, make sure that phone is not in "lost or stolen" to avoid problem.

Supported are all phones from USA inluding iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry any others with IMEI number.

Example of USA Blacklist checker
IMEI 35775407434xxxx
Status Clean in USA
Date 2017-10-14 09:50:44

IMEI 3597060604xxxxx
Status Lost or Stolen in USA
Date 2017-10-14 10:03:54