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Rumors about upcoming Apple iPhone 14 series

Rumors about upcoming Apple iPhone 14 series

There is still a long way for the iPhone 14 to appear on the market, however we decided to have some fun with and we gathered some leaks and rumors about the upcoming phone.

First one and most interesting is the info about the SIM card slot. There won't be a one on the device. The device should be working with ESIM only which is really odd, not everyone wants ESIM they like physical cards as well. More possible explanation might be that this special version of iPhone will be offered next to a traditional SIM slot as well.

Second thing is the screen size. The iPhone 14 line up should have three screen sizes on the offer. Staring with traditional 6.1' and 6.7' that were available in the 13 line up, now you can get a smaller 5.4' inch as well which is available for the mini model. This time Apple doesn't want to risk it and offers the same stuff that people like.

Other rumors that we found aren't as impressive, but they are still worth mentioning. They include things like a pill and hole-punch front camera, under-display Touch ID and no more chunky rear camera bump.

As we said those are only rumors, so don't take them to your heart just yet.
We will inform you as soon as we get official information from Apple

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