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Ps5 Pro should be arriving by the end of 2023 or 2024
Ps5 Pro should be arriving by the end of 2023 or 2024

If you follow all the rumors about the newest Sony console, you might have heard that there is a new PS5 Pro model coming.

We don't know exactly when and what changes will be included in the new model, but we heard some rumors that we would like to give you.

First of all the device is said to twice as powerfull as the standard model. All owners will be able to play games in a stunning 8k as well as use the power of ZEN 4.

The device will cost a lot more as well, some rumors claim that the device might cost from $600 to $700 at the start.

Unfortunatelly we need to wait a long time for the upcoming models. PS5 Pro will not arrive sooner than the end of 2023 or even 2024 year.

All of these rumors are not confirmed at all, so please consider them as a funny rumor more than a fact.

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