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Sorry desktop, but mobile is becoming the go-to device for online gambling

Sorry desktop, but mobile is becoming the go-to device for online gambling

In the early days of online gambling, everything was done on a desktop since phones did not have the processing capacity to accommodate complex games. But this all changed when Android and iOS operating systems appeared on the market in 2008 and 2007, respectively. This led to an explosion of mobile-friendly online casinos worldwide; in 2013, over 100 mobile casinos were available on the internet.

Thanks to the encrypted communication protocols that facilitated secure financial transactions over the internet, online gambling became what it is. This early piece of software is the grandfather of the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer or SSL for short that most casinos use today to facilitate safe transactions in the online world.

Bigger is not always better
The internet dethroned the brick-and-mortar conventional casino with the option to play on a desktop. But time affects everything, and mobile gaming is steadily securing its spot as the next go-to gambling device.

You can see this in the number of operators that are mobile-friendly. There is an impressive figure of online casinos in Canada that optimize their platforms specifically for players that use mobile devices.

Many iGaming platforms offer mobile apps to enhance their users' experience and make the casino easier to use.

But what does a mobile have over a desktop? The answer is simple, mobility, everything nowadays is about ease of use and convenience.

Your laptop is not always with you, and you cannot use it in any location, like the bus or when you're standing in a line. But this inconvenience does not apply to phones. It is sitting in your pocket; reach your hand and do everything you can with your personal computer.

But bigger has its advantages
The desktop is the most used device in Canada to access the internet, and mobile is not far behind. But looking at the trends from the past few years we can see that mobile has seen a slight increase and desktop a slight decrease in popularity.

Gambling from your desktop has a few advantages. The most obvious one is the bigger screen that provides better visuals and makes things simpler to navigate.

Also, some casinos have more games available on a desktop than a phone; this is partly due to technical issues since games need adjustment for phone usage. But overcoming this issue is just a matter of time.

The future is nearby
You can say it ultimately depends on the gambler's choice, but this is not the entire story. As technology advances, any technical edge that desktop has over mobile will slowly but surely disappear.

Any smartphone will be very similar from a technical perfective to a laptop or computer in a few years. The only edge that a desktop will maintain is the screen size, and still, a mobile phone will always be in your pocket.

So, time will tell, but time is on the mobiles side.

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