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The problems with semiconductors and what consequences will they bring in the near future
The problems with semiconductors and what consequences will they bring  in the near future

Semiconductors became a key component in modern day electronics. They are use in a varierty of different products starting from smartphone, household equipment to cars. Many well known companies like Ford, Volkswagen, Apple, Samsung are having huge problems with creating new products.

Why are semiconductors so important? Well the answer is simple really, they are so popular because of their semi-conductive properties which can be modified thanks to higher temperatures, light intensity or even by using force on them.

Compared to metals for example they are way more usefull and easier to use.You might think that if there is so big demand on them there are many countries who produce them, however that is not the truth. The biggest market is the Asian market, which was damaged badly, because of the pandemic, USA sanctions and other problems. We know that a huge factory in China was burned down, that factory alone produced around 30% of wordwide demand. For comparison we can look at the USA, which creates around 12% of semiconductors.

For these reasons all major companies will steel be loosing a lot of money, they cannot create the products they want, which means that fewer products hit the market.

However we have some good news as well. Right now there are 3 companies in the USA that are creating 4 new semiconductor factories in the USA right now. Two of them belong to INTEL and two to TSMC and Samsung.

Some experts claim that the crisis should end in year 2022 which is still a long way to go.

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