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How to buy a used iphone and don't get screw ?

How to buy a used iphone and don't get screw ?

All people who own a smartphone know about Apple company and their amazing iPhone models. The company creates top notch smartphones with the best operating system on the market right now.

iPhones are used by celebrities as well as ordinary people which makes them even more popular. That is why so many people want them, but cannot afford them, There is a solution however for all people and it is called a used iPhone. We know that a brand new device feels so much better, but it costs a lot more than a used one.

Also if we search hard enough we can find a model that looks like a new one and nobody will see the difference.

Now a couple of tips for you when you buy a used device.

1. Check the IMEI number. Every device has a unique 15 digit number based on which we can find more information about the device, iPhone warranty check. The IMEI number can tell us if there are any blockades on this phone (network blockade, blacklist etc).

2. iCloud blockade status. Find my iPhone or iCloud blockade is a special type of blockade created by the owner of the device. Thanks to login and password our iPhone is protected from any unauthorised acess. If this blockade is active and the seller doesn't know the login or password, don't buy this device. You won't be able to use it at all.

3. Apple Blacklist status on a phone. If you want to buy a device that is reported as blacklisted, you might have a hard time with it. Blacklsit stops any network or carrier from working on our phone. the only message you will see on the screen is a no signal status. The worst part is that the device won't work even with the original carrier (the one that sold the device).

However we need to remember that blacklist works only in the given country or region. For example if our device is reported as blacklisted in the USA, we can still use it the UK.

To finish off we have a couple of small tips for everyone who buy a used device.

- don't pay anything upfront, pay only after you have checked the device.
- make sure you meet the seller in a public place, it always better to have someone around if something goes wrong.
- if the device looks different than the one you saw on the pictures, the system doesn't work correctly or the device looks like it was damaged, don't buy it. There are a lot of offers on the market and you will find a better one without any problems.

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