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Why should you consider buying an Android phone ?
Why should you consider buying an Android phone ?

There is a good reason for Android being the most popular smatphone operating system in the world; it is a good OS. Sure, it has its problems, but these are miniscule when compared to its advantages - at least 70.66% of smartphone users worldwide seem to think so, number goes into billions.

Early history

Android Inc., company originally responsible for the IS, was created in 2003 by misters Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. Originally, Android was supposed to be a camera operating system, but soon it turned out that the market for these is too small, so the team moved to working on a smartphone iOS instead. In 2005 Android was bought out by Google. In the autumn of 2008 a first Android-using smartphone, HTC Dream, has been released.

Since then, Android OS has received nmerous updates, with every new version receiving a name of a famous dessert (Nougat, Cupcake, Eclair etc).


- modularity,
- full integration with Google services,
- highest number of serviced smartphones in the world,
- access to Google Store with a high quantity of apps to select from.


- only one serious, Android is very fragmented. There are dozens of different variants and sub-variants of that OS. This means that it is difficult to keep all of Android devices out there updated.

Various facts

- Samsung is the most popular smartphone brand in the world, and is controlled by the Android OS,
- 6 out of 10 of the top ten most popular phones of 2019 are using Android OS,
- Andry Rubin, one of the creators of Android Inc., has recently created his own Essential Company, which in turn made Essential Phone smartphone. Unfortunately, that device has turned out to be very unsuccessful.

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