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Why is it worth to buy an iPhone device ?
Why is it worth to buy an iPhone device ?

Why is it worth to buy an iPhone device?

What makes this device so special and why everyone wants it? The most important thing that seperates Apple products from other devices is the iOS system. What makes iOS better than Android is the fact that it is a closed ecosystem.

Thanks to this Apple products are the only devices that can use iOS system. The system is free of any unofficial apps and , viruses etc. which makes it very secured. However the most important thing is that this type of systems allows for a better integration, which is why iPhones don't need super powerful specs to match the high-end Android phones.

It's all in the optimization between hardware and software which other smartphones simply don't have. Many people see that Samsung and Sony pack their products with better or newer hardware. The suprise comes when we compare both products with eachother, we will notice that Apple products work with the same speed, having less impresive hardware, but sometimes older iPhone can work better than the newest Android device.

If you ever asked yourself why iPhones are so pricey, the answer is pretty clear. The Apple products stay relevant for much longer and are supported by Apple and networks for much longer as well. Android devices receive support for a year or two max, they receive new security updates and other features. In case of an iPhone the support might be available even for a couple of years.

Not everything however is perfect. As we mentioned before Apple products have a very high price, which makes them not affordable for everyone. Second even though every iPhone is amazing in the design and the system, they cannot do anything about newer parts like the camera. We won't lie iPhones at the start take great pictures, with the passing time, however they don't compare to the newest devices.

Last thing worth mentioning is the App store which is always offers amazing apps and games. Most of them are paid, but offer way better quality products than the apps offered on the Android market. To summerise we think that iPhones are great products for every user. If you are not interested in changing your device each year and you want to have the best expierience that the smartphone market can offer go with Apple.

You won't be dissapointed we can promise that.

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