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Sonim mobile - How to check warranty and originality ?
Sonim mobile - How to check warranty and originality ?

Sonim, it is an american producer of rugged mobile devices. They also own offices in China and India. Their products are created with out-in-the-field clients in mind, people who work in conditions where a normal, say, smartphone would be too vulnerable.

Sonim is an old company, dating back to 1999. Since then they have released a large number of products: rugged cellphones from the XP series, the newest of which is XP7 worth around 22 euro, cellphone cases, headphones, adapters, microphones, backup batteries, car holders et cetera.

Sonim does not sell its products globally. Citizens of many countries have to buy its products online or second-hand.

Are you planning to buy a Sonim phone? Do you want to check the warranty and originality of your Sonim phone?

Here are a few simple steps on how quickly check your Sonim originality.
1. go to Sonim IMEI check section
2. enter the IMEI number of your Sonim phone
3. after a few seconds you will receive all information about your Sonim device

Exemple below

IMEI : 01509300001xxxx
Phone name : XP5s AT&T
Base model : XP5800
Phone ID : 74
Phone type : gsm
Purchase date : 2018-04-18

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