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Overheating phone - why does it happen and what can you do about it
Overheating phone - why does it happen and what can you do about it

Spring is coming, and along with it warmer days. Almost all of us can hardly wait for the it, but there is one thing that preferes colder
climates - our phones. These devices like to overheat from a number of causes, and high temperatures outside only help them in doing that:

- overuse of the phone, like too long conversations or gaming sessions
- keeping the phone in cramped spaces, e.g. the bottom of a stuffed bag
- battery reshaping itself due to the usage of an incorrect charger

And we all know what happens when a phone overheats, right? If not, just recall the grand Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and you will get an idea. If you want to avoid this kind of unpleasantries, I suggest that you follow these few simple rules to keep your phone cool(er):

1. Do not charge your battery up to 100%. If you have to, please make sure that you unplug it as soon as it is completely charged. Overcharging only damages the phone's battery, creating a risk of overheating.

2. Do not play video games too much. Yes, yes, Fruit Ninja is fun, but video games are very hard on phone's CPU and cooling, especially when the phone in question is not a gaming model.

3. Try to use as few apps simultaneously as possible. Messaging while you listen to Spotify and look over Quora questions is a good way to
make your device nice and hot.

4. Do NOT use the protective case. Usually I would not advocate this, but protective cases are all but drafty. Using one may make your phone resistant to physical harm, but may also boil it from the inside.

5. Try to keep your phone in shade. If needed, you can even put it in front of a fan.

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