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How to make sure that your Android OS smartphone is safe
How to make sure that your Android OS smartphone is safe

So much has been said about mobile devices' security that I do not have the heart to bore you with that same old shtick once again. Instead, I will get straight to the point; if you want to be as certain as possible that your phone is safe from e-harm, read this article and use my suggestions. Today's article is about Android devices, but many of these tips, if not all, will count for other OS as well. This is what you should take care of:

1. Turn off the automatic password typing. If you lose your phone and it ends up in someone else's hands, they will have free access to everything on it.
2. Remember to create strong passwords. "vu1v81sg00d" is a much harder barrier to break than "123".
3. Make sure to update your OS often. The never the OS, the never its security measures. Old operating systems often fall prey to the hackers.
4. Turn on the lock screenm, and also make sure that you can lock your phone remotely. Few clicks can turn a valuable device into a brick worthless to anyone but you.
5. Avoid using free Wi-Wi hotspots, and if you do use them then also use VPN encryption.
6. Only download apps from trustd sources.

That is all. Safe smartphoning to you.

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