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Samsung Galaxy S25 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S25 rumors

Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy S25 lineup is still over six months away, but according to GalaxyClub, the camera specifications for the trio have already been revealed. Notably, only the Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to receive a significant camera upgrade, while the standard S25 and S25+ models will continue with the same hardware as their predecessors.

Camera Upgrades Limited to Galaxy S25 Ultra

The report indicates that the Galaxy S25 and S25+ will maintain the same triple-camera setup on the back and the 12MP front-facing camera. This continuity marks the fourth consecutive generation using the same camera hardware for these models.

Conversely, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is set to feature a potentially enhanced 200MP main camera, complemented by 50MP ultrawide, 50MP 3x telephoto, and 50MP 5x telephoto lenses.

Battery Capacity Boost Rumored
Additionally, the leak hints at an increase in the battery capacity for the Galaxy S25 series, though specific details remain undisclosed.

Given that the official release is still quite distant, it's advisable to approach this information with some skepticism until more concrete evidence emerges.