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Xiaomi MI account remove by lock code or IMEI

Xiaomi MI account remove by lock code or IMEI

Mi account is used for authentication and authorization of your device. Thanks to this account you gain access to products like Mi Store, Mi Home, Xiaomi Cloud, Mi Pay and many more.

However many people forget their password and loose access to their device, which might cause a lot of problems.

The same can be said about used Xiaomi devices. If the previous owner forgot to delete his account, you will not be able to use the smartphone.

In such case we offer our help. We provide you with a service to unlock your device, as well as remove the previous mi account. After you delete the previous account, you can create a new Mi account, or use your own.

Depending on the region from which your Xiaomi comes from, the unlock might take from couple of hours to 3 working days.

Every region and country has its own price, so please check on our website which region you need to use and how much does it cost.

The unlock is permanent you can put your own login and password after Xiaomi mi Account removing service is finish.

If you want to make an order you need to provide your Xiaomi product IMEI number or security code.