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Warning for Xiaomi Phone Users - do not update software

Warning for Xiaomi Phone Users - do not update software

Warning for Xiaomi Phone Users: System Update May Lead to Boot Issues and Data Loss – We Advise Against Installation Until Fixes by the Company

*February 29, 2024*

Recent reports from users of Xiaomi phones shed new light on potential risks associated with the latest system update. Instead of bringing improvements and new features, this update seems to introduce two main issues: the inability to boot the phone after the update and the risk of data loss.

Many users have noticed that after applying the update, their Xiaomi phones fail to boot properly. Upon attempting to turn on the device, various error messages appear, and some phones remain in a "bricked" state, rendering them inoperable.

However, the most concerning aspect is the potential risk of data loss. Numerous reports indicate that users lost significant information, including contacts, messages, photos, and files, following the update. Such data loss can be not only inconvenient but also impact privacy and the overall usability of the phone.

Xiaomi has acknowledged receiving feedback from users regarding these two main issues. The company is currently working on releasing a fix to address the errors associated with the system update. However, until a stable and secure version is available, we strongly advise against updating the system on Xiaomi devices.

For those who have already installed the update and are experiencing boot issues or data loss, prompt contact with Xiaomi's official technical support is recommended. Users can seek assistance in data recovery and obtain information about planned corrective updates.

In light of these problems, users are encouraged to refrain from updating the system on their devices to avoid potential complications. In the meantime, it is advisable to stay tuned to announcements from Xiaomi and online communities for the latest information regarding progress in resolving issues and the availability of fixes.