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The difference between a blocklist and a network blockade

The difference between a blocklist and a network blockade

Many people ask us what might be wrong with their devices and how we can help them when their device gets blocklisted or network locked.

First thing you need to know is what is a network blockade and what is a blocklist.

You might think that blocklist is the same as a network blockade, however that isn't really true.

Network blockade is a special type of blockade which is used by majority of networks to allow only one network to work on your device.

For example if you buy a device from T-Mobile USA, only simcards from T-Mobile USA will work on your device. If you insert a simcard from AT&T or PLAY or any other network the device will give you message that the inserted simcard won't work in your device.

Please remember that a network blockade always gives a message about the network blockade.

If your device is network locked it might ask you a special network unlock code, it might say to use a device unlock app, or it might say that the simcard is not supported.

In any other case, like a message that there is no simcard inserted or there is no message but the device doesn't have a signal, it doesn't mean that it is network locked.

Your device might be damaged and it doesn't work correctly because the sim slot is broken. Another thing might be a blacklist which is a differfent type of blockade than the previously mentioned network blockade.

Blocklist or sometimes called "blacklist" is a very serious type of blockade. If your device is blocklisted it won't work with any simcard not even the one that was provided with the phone when you bought the device.

The device might get blacklisted if the device was reported as lost or stolen, or it has unpaid bills.

Not everything is lost however, the device might still work outside of the country where it is blocklisted. If your device gets blacklisted in UK it will work in China, USA or any other country outside of UK.

One last thing that we would like to mention is that you should visit a repair shop, before you decide to remove any blockade from your device. As we said there are a lot of different reasons why your device doesn't work with a specific simcard and to make sure that you won't loose money, because you paid for an something that wasn't blocking your device, you need to make sure, what type of problem is your device having.