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Bangladesh asks their citizens to check every phone's IMEI number.

Many countries have tried or are trying to remove illegal phones from their borders. We all know how hard it can be to find an illegal device. There are millions of smartphones in every country and it is impossible to sit down and check all of them.

One country however is trying to change it and it might succed. Bangladesh has announced that they are asking all of their citizens to check and register their phones, by using the IMEI number. This way all illegal devices will be blocked and won't work with any local network.

Thanks to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commision (BRTC) the country will stop loosing moeny over illegal smartphones that arrive in the country. This will also make sure that all citizens have a legal and secured device, and that they won't loose their money as well.

If you aren't certain if the device you own is legal or not, you can use BTRC databse to check it for you.

Follow these simple steps and you will get your answer in a very short time.

1. Find your unique IMEI number

In order to do this you can enter a short sequence *#06# on your phone just like a phone number. This way the IMEI comes from the system, which means that it cannot be incorrect, like the one found on the box or on the sticker om the back of the device.

2. Send a short text message to BRTC

In order for the system to verify your IMEI correctly you need to enter this whole sequence as the text in your message.

Start with KYD now press space and enter first 15 digits of your IMEI number (the one you got from the previous step) and send it to 16002.

The message should look like this KYD 123456789123456 (the random numbers are just an example enter your IMEI number here)

3.After a couple of seconds you will get a message which will say if your IMEI is legal or not.

We hope that you will find this short guide usefull and that it will help you in avoiding any trouble with your device as well as keep you and your data safe.

Make sure that you check BTRC IMEI at IMEI24.com before you send sms to 16002. It will give you answer is your device Legal or No.

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