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What is a Mi account and why you should use it ?

What is a Mi account and why you should use it ?

Mi account is a very popular and usefull application that allows you to get even more from your phone than you thought.

Thanks to the Mi account you will be able to use Mi features like:
- Mi Cloud (Mi community and system services)
- Mi Store (where you can buy even more amazing things from Xiaomi)
- Mi Home (one app that controls all of your smart devices)
- Mi TV (platform that gives you different movies and tv series)
and many other apps.

How to create a Mi account ?

Creating a Mi account is very easy and requires only a couple of steps.
1. Go to the official Xiaomi Mi website
2. Fill all information required for the account
3. You can choose between two options to register. Either by e-mail or a phone number
4. Enter the password and click on Captcha
5. Xiaomi will send you an e-mail with an activation link which you need to use before 24 hours pass.
6. You can log in to your account

One important thing to know is that you need to write down your password and never loose it.
It is very hard to reset the password on your account.

Another thing you need to know is that buying a used Xiaomi device with an active Mi account is a bad idea.
We previously mentioned Mi cloud, which you get when you create a Mi account.
It is a special way of securing your device from any access whne you loose the device or it gets stolen.

Without the correct login and password noboy can access your device.

Don't worry however, thanks to SIM-UNLOCK.NET, you have a way to remove the Mi account if you bought a blocked device. The service is very simple to use and doesn't cost much.

Mi account remove from phones coming from Europe
Mi account remove - WorldWide

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