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You can win a Xbox gamepass ultimate for life
You can win a Xbox gamepass ultimate for life

Microsoft has added a new price to the Microsoft Reward service. If you live in the USA or UK you get a chance to win Gamepass ultimate for your whole life.

That is right you can enjoy all amazing games that come to the service for 40 years!!!!! Wait? What? 40 years is not my whole life?

Well turns out that the "whole life" thing is just a gimic. Don't get us wrong 40 years is still a long time, but doesn't sound as good right?

In order to take part in the contest, you need to pay 200 Microsoft points. Which isn't too bad taking in to consideration what the prize is.

You might think ok 40 years is a long time, but what will happen if the service stops to exist? Well Redmont giant has got you covered. If for any reason Gamepass is shut down the winner gets $180 each year in a prepaid card.

Which is a very nice move and make the challenge even more interesting.

In any case we strongly advice to take part in the contest who knows you might be the lucky winner, which will change your life completely.

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