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Phew how hot! What to do when our phone gets too hot
Phew how hot! What to do when our phone gets too hot

We all love the sun. It makes us happy it gives us a lot of fun as well as making us more healthy. However getting too much sun can have very bad consequences.

Getting over heated means that our body cannot function normally, we feel tired and dizzy.

The same can be said about our smartphone. When it gets overheated it dosn't function correctly and can be damaged beyond repair.

What can you do when you smartphone gets overheated? What you should do to prevent such situation?

Well we have a short guide for all of you, that might save you a lot of nerves and money.

First things first what are the symptomps of a overheated device?
- the phone doesn't work as fast as always.
- you can feel that it is hotter than usual
- the battery is loosing power way too fast.
- the device doesn't start at all

What can you do when the device is too hot ?

- put your device in a place without the sun, let ot cool down on its own
- turn off all apps and mobile data
- take it out of a protective case
- don't put it in a freezer or any other place with a very low temperature
- keep all of your devices far away from each other (don't stuck them one on the other)

What can be done to prevent overheating ?

- don't leave your device on the sun, even if it is in the car, or under a blanket
- turn off all unneceasary apps and games
- make sure that your device can "breath" don't keep it in your pocket or purse
- don't charge it when you are in the sun. Don't use a charger or a powerbank

We hope that this short guide will help you in the future when you are playing in the sun.

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