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Crunchyroll has been bought by Sony
Crunchyroll has been bought by Sony

Crunchyroll has been bought by Sony for a price of $1,175 billion which is a huge price, but brings in a lot for Sony.

The Japanese company will not only get a huge boost when it comes to the new titles they will offer, but over 5 million new users coming from Crunchyroll.

The company will be combined with Funimation that is own by Sony making it the biggest anime and manga company in the world right now.

We can find very popular movies and series in the offer like: Dragon ball, Naruto, Hero academia and many more. If you are a fan of manga and anime this is the best place for you.

During the buying process there was a small problem. United States Department of Justice took notice that there might be a antytrust issue during the whole process.

We can see however that the claims were not true and that the deal should be done very soon.

Thanks to Sony Crunchyroll might become even bigger than before and will offer even more to all of their fans.

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