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What is Acer SNID number and how to find it?
What is Acer SNID number and how to find it?

Acer is a well known Taiwanese company which focuses on creating things like, laptops, smartphones, desktops and many more.

All of their products can be identified thanks to a serial number which consists of 22 alpha-numeric characters. There is also a second sequence called SNID which will help the company in finding your device.

Acer SNID stands for serial number identification number. It is used to identify your device for example when you want to contact the Acer support for help.

SNID is not the same as the IMEI number. SNID number has 11 or 12 digits and doesn't have any letters. On the other hand serial number has 22 characters. Important both serial number and SNID number don't have capital O letter, they always have number 0.

If you don't know how to find your Acer SNID number please follow this short instruction.


First place where you can find your SNID number is the label on the bottom of your device.If the label is missing, you can use a different way with a Acer care center.

- You need to start your device.
- Press Windows (key)
- Type in care center and press enter
- Serial number and SNID will appear on the screen.

For windows 7 you can do it even easier. Double click Acer identity card on the desktop. Both number will appear on the screen.

Last instruction for a laptop uses a special app. You need to download Serial number detection tool. Turn the app on and both SNID and serial number will be shown.


Most Acer tablets have a special label on the back side which include the serial number as well as SNID number. Some older models had the label in a different place. The required label can be found on the underside of the MicroSD/SIM card cover.

There are also a couple of ways to find the SNID number without the label.

WINDOWS devices

Use acer care center which will show you your SNID number.

ANDROID devices

Turn on the device and go to Apps and Settings
Press about tablet and Device information.
Serial number and SNID number will be shown on the screen.


Double click Acer identity card on the desktop.
Both number will appear on the screen.


All acer monitors have a label on the back with SNID and serial number.


Acer smartphones have a label with the SNID number and serial number on a sticker on the back of the device, or under the battery.

The label can be also found on the original packaging.


Acer projects have a special label on the bottom of the device that have SNID number and serial number on it. One projector called Acer Pico might have the sticker benetah the battery lid.


SNID number can be found on the bottom left side of your device. You need to remember that this sticker doesn't have a full serial number, but it all numbers for SNID are given.

How to check warranty of Acer devices ?

1. go to Acer warranty checker
2. type your device SNID
3. get full Acer warranty info

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