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What to do in case of phone overheating ?
What to do in case of phone overheating ?

Many people love their phones so much that they, have them for many years. They like the cool look, sleak design or are atracted to the simplicity (how easy is it to use).

However in all models even the newest smartphones we might have a problem with overheating. What does it mean that your device is overheated? Well to put it simple, it means that your device is getting too hot which may damage your phone permanently.

Many devices stop to work, because some of its main components overheated, or even melted. Don't you worry, there a couple of ways to keep your device from being too hot. In this articule we will give you a couple of ideas on how to protect your device from overheating as well as what to do if the temperature is already too big.

How to stop your device from overheating:

1. Keep it away from the sun - we know how it sounds and that it seems obvious, but many people leave their device in the full sun, which is very bad for the device itself.

2. Take the protective case of from time to time. Think of your device like a living thing, if it is hot outside you want to take of your jacket right? The same goes with a smartphone. Some protective cases might even block some vents so please make sure that you let your device breathe from time to time.

3. If you cannot remove the protective case, you can turn on airplane mode which is used to turn off all features that aren't necessery for the functioning of the device.

4. That is why you need to turn off all apps that you aren't using at the moment. Many apps work in the background, and make the device even hotter. Remember all functions that you don't need at the given time should be turned off.

5. One small but really helpfull tip is to not turn the brightness of your screen to the maximum. The best way is to turn auto brightness, which changes the brightness automaticly and in the best way to the surroundings.

What to do if your device is already too hot?

1. Like previously, turn off all unnecessery apps, it really helps and cooldowns your device, but you should remember to update your device as well. Thanks to the new files all apps work better and need less power to do the same things.

2. Use a fan on your device, or blow on it. We told you before your device acts like a living thing, so using a fan or blowing cold air on it might take the temperature down.

3. Don't make it cold too fast. We all know that if your device hot you want to make it cold as soon as possible, however it doesn't work this way. You cannot put ice on it or put it in a refrigerator..The drastic change in the temperature might damage the device even more than the heat itself.

We hope that you will find these tips usefull and that they will keep your device safe.

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