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How to check if your Xiaomi is original or fake
How to check if your Xiaomi is original or fake

If you are wondering whether or not your Xiaomi smartphone is original, there is a number of things you can do to make sure:

1. Use the phone's secret code. If you have saved your phone's box, there should be a secret code printed on it. After erasing the security layer from the label, it should look similar to this. You take this code and type it in at the Xiaomi's authentication verification website. Afterwards you go and check how many times this code has been put in before. If the number is high, it shows that many people before you have checked this device's authenticity. This in turn is a good indicator of the fact that the phone is fake.

2. IMEI or serial number. You can also go to Xiaomi's website and enter one or the other. The website will verify your code for you. IMEI number can be found either inside the box or by typing *#06# into the phone.

3. Look at the battery. All the original Mi products, smartphones or otherwise, have a Li-Poly sign on their batteries.

4. Phone's logo. Make sure that the Xiaomi logo on the phone is an original one. If you can feel a bulge when moving your fingertip over the logo, there is a chance that it has been put on top of the original, non-Xiaomi mark.

5. Use IMEI24 Xiaomi IMEI checker free tool.

How to check warranty details of your Xiaomi:
1. go to Xiaomi check IMEI section
2. type your Xiaomi IMEI on search field
3. after few seconds you will get full information about your Xiaomi

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